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If you own your own business you cannot be expected to stay current regarding the tax code, or to know exactly how many deductions your business might qualify for. Let our licensed, local tax professionals at Royal Bookkeeping and Accounting Services help you to pay the least amount of money for your current and past due taxes and get the maximum return. Tax time can be confusing and we will give you straightforward, informed information and determine the best approach, tailored to your specific business requirements.
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Business Solutions

Accounting for Small Business

We provide assistance with monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and much more. Comprehensive, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can set you up on a bookkeeping schedule that best meets your business needs. We keep track of all of your financial needs, including purchases, bank reconciliation, sales records, payments and receipts.

General Ledger and Financial Statement Assistance

By thorough analysis of your company’s expenditures, liabilities, assets and revenue, which are all included in the general ledger, our experts are able to provide you with vital tools to manage your money. Financial statements are based on all of the detailed information contained in your business’s general ledger. Having a complete record of all your business transactions in the financial statements allows you to make the best financial decisions for your company with our expert assistance.

Sales Tax Prepration

Since a lot of our clients are legally required to compile and submit sales tax records in several different jurisdiction, we can streamline these processes. Our licensed tax professionals assist your company in the compilation of all relevant information and preparation of sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner, whether your business is in Denver or another part of Colorado.

Business Income Taxes

We prepare all types of business income tax returns, including tax returns for multiple states. Our clients have S-Corps, LLCs, partnerships and many other situations. We can keep your taxes current with regard to the most recent changes in tax laws and regulations and can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS to keep your business operating at an optimal level and our expert staff will file past taxes so you don’t need to spend your time reading financial records.

Royal Bookkeeping

Consulting Solutions

Tax Planning and Prepration

Our company manages all aspects of tax planning and preparation, whether you are filing your taxes as an individual or a multi-tiered partnership. Our experienced staff can develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation, as well as all credits and deductions you qualify for, in order to maximize your returns, save you money and minimize your company’s tax liability.

Business Entity Selection

We know the importance of determining which type of business entity works best for your financial needs. Business entity formation is a complicated process that will impact your tax payments and liabilities and requires separate accounting processes for each of your businesses. We can help you choose the right business entity, whether it is a sole proprietorship, an LLP, LLC or other type of entity so you can be sure that your company has the most tax advantages available for your business.

Individual Tax Preparation

Our tax experts work with our clients to prepare and file both W2s and 1099s. We calculate your tax liability, work to minimize it and help you make the best financial decisions for yourself. At Royal Bookkeeping, our professionals keep up to date regarding tax codes, new tax laws and regulations, as well as any new tax credits and deductions you might not be aware of, and we will thoroughly evaluate your tax return and guide you through the entire process.

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